Bronze from Brno for the beauties!

The indoor nationals took place as always on the last weekend of February. The girls hoped for retaining the title, the guys wanted to keep their spot in the first league and fight for a medal.

Indoor finals

The guys managed to get through the pool games without a single loss. The girls hesitated a bit at the begining, right in the first match up against Východní Blok, losing in the universe point. On Sunday morning, both teams managed to get through the quarterfinals with just the right amount of struggle to feel that the win was well deserved. After lunch, the guys faced Yellow Fever in the semifinal, the girls their last year’s finals opponent, Velká Morava.

Neither one of the team came into the game well and eventhough everyone fought really hard both teams ended up in the third place game. It must  have been fate that the opponent in both cases was Východní Blok.

You can watch the guys’ game here and the ladies’ one here.

The victory finally chose the prettier part of our team and the 3sbeauties are leaving Brno with 3sbronze. Rumor has it that the 3sblokes promised to get 3sbetter for next year. One thing is for sure, though – Budweiser Ultimate remains in the first league!

Photos by Sodži here.

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