The Gentlemen’s Cup invitation

Dear readers,

FUJ and 3SB would like to invite you and your team to our tournament – The Gentlemen’s CUP!

The tournament will be held on 21.-22.7. in the south of Pilsen. You may ask, “Why would we go there?”, so here is why.

A weekend full of high level OPEN Ultimate in the Gentlemen style with casino and auction house throughout the evenings. You can also participate in other games such as spikeball or beer race to earn Gentlebucks for the grand finale, where you will compete with other teams in an auction for prizes such as liters of alcohol or full videotaping of your match!

So if you want to enjoy a great weekend with highly competitive Ultimate teams, get ready for EUCF and of course to have awesome evenings, don’t hesitate to sign up by sending an email to!

You can also find more informations on Ultimate Central or Facebook Page.

Have a great day,
Vojtěch Prušák and Matěj Štětka,
FUJ and 3SB

PS: If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to text us.