The Gentlemen’s Cup informations

The idea of organising the Gentlemen’s Cup came from the lack of high-quality OPEN fun tournaments in Czech republic. Which is kind of shaming, because Czech republic has all this kind of tournament takes – nice grass fields, beautiful nature and very, very cheap beer.

So we decided to take a try and organise a tournament that would fulfil these conditions. The date is „in a hole“ of the tournament calendar (the second half of July), which makes it a good season-starting tournament for your team. In view of that fact, our goal is to make you have fun and enjoy your holidays. But how?

We copied an idea from „Spolek přátel Aljašské pošty“ („The group of friends of Alaska friends“) to create our own money we called the Gentlebucks and allow you to earn them by participating in activities we’re gonna make for you. In the last evening of the tournament, there will be an auction, where you can spend the Gentlebucks you earned during the weekend for many different things like alcohol, video of your match or other rarities.

And of course, there will be many other activities for you to join like Spikeball tournament, Beer-race etc.

That’s basically the main idea of our tournament, we like it a lot and hope that you will come and enjoy this great weekend with us. It will be our great pleasure.

3SB and FUJ